People don’t leave jobs - they leave managers

​In an interesting article from called “9 things managers do that make good employees quit” Travis Bradberry reminds us of the old adage “people don’t leave jobs they leave managers”. He suggests that several practices, or, the lack of them, result in employees leaving. This includes overworking good employees, lack of recognition, not honouring commitments, not caring, challenging insufficiently and more.

Bradberry’s piece provides a great checklist for managers to review internal practices. This becomes particularly important as good and available talent becomes more and more scarce.

For us, the majority of these issues can be addressed, or better again – entirely avoided.

It all starts with a simple, but critical conversation which pivots around what the employee expects of their manager, and reciprocally what the manager, and the organisation, expects of the employee. These conversations are fundamental to a high performance culture.

And, with clarity here, much else can be avoided. Read the full article here.

Tom Armstrong

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